Our Activities

To bring all medical students, teachers, doctors and dentists in a common place of social media to create a platform for mutual experience sharing and a medical college wise common source of information we are doing following activities currently:

  1. Maintaining largest facebook group (being a professonal Forum it’s priacy settings have kept secret) (http://fb.me/1hzqGoK) for Bangladeshi medical community to share knowledge and plan for action currently containing 91000+ active members.
  2. First and only regular publication of 3 monthly tabloid named PLATFORM containing writings from 1st year medical student to senior professors of Bangladeshi medical community. Till now we have published 4 issues.
  3. Maintaining an updated online news and information portal for medical community (platform-med.org) which contains regular news related to health sector from Upazila health complex to tertiary medical universities, career and job information, health related event news, study aid and regular writings from doctors and students.




  1. Organizing events like petition, human chain, expert discussion with doctors, lawyers, journalists etc on “Safe worksplace for doctors” issue.
    * Our 1st event on this issue was collection of 2000+ signatures as a petition on “Ensure Safe Workplace for Doctors”.



  • Event Date: 22nd November, 2013
  •  Event place: BUET (MD/MS exam hall)
  •  Participants: Students and doctors of different medical and dental colleges

* Human chain event at Ganasasthya Samaj Vittik Medical College Hospital on “Dr. Murad murder” issue.



And many similar events on different violent occurrences on doctors

  1. Supporting and aiding human chain and other peaceful events concerning doctors and students rights.
    A very recent example was helping organization of countrywide human chain event of medical students on “Bringing Carry On Back”

6. Quack Hunt: We have created a database of frauds who claim themselves as doctors and practice illegally                   without any recognized qualification. The database is being updated regularly and will be submitted to proper              authority for taking legal action.

7.  Fundraising for critically ill doctors/medical students. Till now we have gathered and donated for Dr.                            Shampa     Biswas, Dr. Sanjana Zerin, Dr. Runi, Twoki, Joya, Shafiul Rifat and also fund for Nepal earthquake             victims.


8.Free Health Camps: Till now we have conducted 3 free health camps for underprivileged at Anandipur-Mymensigh, Khirat-Gazipur and Biral-Dinajpur


9. Career Counselling Seminars: We have organized interactive career counselling sessions at Mymensingh Medical College, Dinajpur Medical College, Rangpur Community Medical College.


10.  Know the Pioneers: Interviewing legendary doctors and teachers and publishing biography of them.

The above image is from an interview session with Dr. Shuvagoto Hom

  1. Platform Research Wing: To establish and encourage both undergraduate and post graduate research activities among medical students and doctors platform has established its research wing sector with young medical researchers as mentors and senior researchers as guide. Platform research wing has launched a “Research Idea Contest” in which 60 top quality ideas were selected and they are now being nourished with basic research methodology online training course on our training website.

12. Continuing Medical Education: Medical education is being regularly updated with vast research updates that needs to be disseminated to an understandable way to the medical students and professionals. For this purpose we have created an online course and education website where instructors from different specialties and qualifications can conduct short courses and free learning sessions through online lectures and also can take exams for evaluation of participants. Also online and offline sessions on National and International guidelines, USMLE, PLAB, and other licensing examinations, BCS etc.

  1. Information Source: Platform website and facebook group acts as a reach information source by maintaining medical college directory, doctors chamber directory, blood donor directory, licensing examination information, job directory, success stories and recognitions.

  1. Proposals and Promotions: Against “Un-paid Honorary System”, for “Raising Internship Allowance”, recommendations for supervision and reforming Upazila Health Complex System to support working and living condition of doctors, proposal for scientific and logical working hour and 2 day holiday system for both professionals and students towards proper authority and stakeholders, promoting extracurricular activities of students and professionals.


  1. Partnership:
    *Joint event with AIUB on Research Methodology at AIUB

* Thalassemia workshop with Bangladesh Thalassemia Foundation

* Partnership of Platform Research wing with Public Health Foundation Bangladesh and Celebration of public health foundation day.

* National TB guideline orientation for physcians:


16. Participation: Opinion sharing with BMA present and past leaders on television talk show, representing Bangladesh in international medical student seminars, representing youth power in health sector in YOUNG BANGLA SUMMIT to Prime Ministers ICT consultant Sajeeb Wazed Joy, opinion sharing with national professions and journalists and editors on Thalassemia Day.


  1. Events:
    * Launching Ceremony of our first issue of three monthly tabloid
    • Event Date: 23rd February, 2014
    • Event Place: Bangla Academy, Ekushey Book Fair, 2014


Honorable Guests:
•   Prof. Shah Alam (K-24, Dhaka Medical College)
Professor, Department of Physiology.

  • Abu Sadat Mohammad Nurunnabi
    Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, DMC
  • Sunjida Shahriah (JIMC-03)
    Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Z H Shikder Medical College, Dhaka.


* Launching Ceremony of 2nd issue
• Event Date: 5th August, 2014
• Event Place: Dutch Chottor, TSC, Dhaka University


Honorable Guests:

  • Jainuddin Sani (RMC)
    Assistant Professor, Department of Respiratory Medicine, Rangpur Medical College, Rangpur.
  • Imtiaz Ahmed (RMC)
    Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, Sir Salimullah Medical College, Dhaka.
  • Shah Alam (K-24, Dhaka Medical College)
    Professor, Department of Physiology.


* Launching Ceremony of 3rd issue and celebration of 1st anniversary
• Event Date: 21st october, 2014
• Event Place: National Museum Auditorium, Shahbagh

Honorable Guests:

  • Shuvagoto Chowdhury (RMC)
    Director, Laboratory Servicer, BIRDEM
  • Hasan Ali
    Ex- Principal, Ashiyan Medical College
  • Fatema Ashraf
    Professor, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Shsmc
  • Sunjida Shahriah
    Department of Anatomy, Marks Medical College
  • Prof. Md. Nurunnobi
    Researcher and Guest lecturer, BSMMU
  • Lubna Yeasmin
    Researcher, Bangladesh Law Commission


* Launching Ceremony of 4th issue
• Event Date: 22nd February, 2015
• Event Place: Ekushey Boimela, 2015

Honorable Guests:

  • M A Wahab Khan
    President, Bangladesh Urology Society
  • Samanta Lal Sen
    Founder, Burn Unit, DMC

* Art exhibition of Dr. Debabrata Aich
• Event Date: 21st March to 23rd March, 2015
• Event Place: Public Library, Shahbagh


* Mental Health Counseling Session for Medical Students
Instructor: Prof. Sunjida Shahiah, Department of Anatomy, Marks Medical College
Venue: BCR pain and wellness center, DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka
Date: 26th September, 2014



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